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Well this is the 1st time I've actually posted something myself. I'm normally just on here to read all the other amazing ppl's journals and fanfiction. But I thought I'd give it a go.

I've had some amazing David Tennant times recently and thought I'd let people on here know about them and see some of the pictures I took.
First of all was Much Ado About Nothing. I went to see it on the 23rd June. Loved it immensely and was a bit star struck seeing DT ( I was on the front row of the stalls) that I couldn't remember much of the play, lol, so decided that I had to see it again, nothing to do with how fit that man is :-)  After the show I blagged my other half and my mum to buy me a ticket/train/hotel for my birthday (which is in July.) So off I went to London (on my own) for the 2nd time on the 3rd September, to see the evening show, yep the last ever :-) So I traveled down to London in the morning and about 2pm I went to the theatre to wait at the stage door for them to come out after the matinee. I managed to get both DT's and CT's autographs :-D
Here's a few pics I took whilst at the stage door.

Not the best but you can see him :-) So the evening came round and I went to the last performance of MAAN, which was amazing. I was lucky and got an amazing seat in the dress circle, row E about 4 seats from the middle. Loved the play. You could see how much David and Catherine really enjoyed being on the stage together. I think they did about 5 or 6 curtain calls at the end. Here's my program and autographs.

On the Sunday I went to the Doctor Who Experience and spent a few hours wandering around, it was my 2nd time there. I was trying not to get upset watching Ten's regeneration scene, but that didn't work, lol. Got the train home Sunday night.

On the Monday I decided that I hadn't seen quite enough of DT and went to the cinema to see Fright Night :-)

I mean half naked DT, could my weekend of finished any better. Just recently I went to EMS in London and met DT and a few other stars :-) but I'll post about that another day.

Hope you all liked my first post and feel free to comment. x


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